Investing our time, talent, and treasure to strengthen and support Black communities in Forsyth County.
Investing our time, talent, and treasure to strengthen and empower the Black community in Forsyth County.
BPI's CAMPAIGN to support local black communities — now and forever

Advancing Bold, Black-Led Community Change

Throughout our history, BPI has pursued the same goal: to strengthen, support, and make a meaningful impact in local Black communities. As we accelerate Black-led social change at this historic point in time, we need your support to increase our investments in Black students, organizations, and families in Forsyth County.

We have the goal of raising at least $2 million in the next three years—with the vast majority going toward our annual grantmaking programs and the remaining to our endowment to ensure grantmaking dollars are available for years to come.   

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Board Member

Corlis Sellers

I believe that each of us is born with a gift and we’re destined to share that gift for the greater good. As a Black woman, I’ve been richly blessed throughout my life by my village—my family, my church, and my community. This village has allowed me to thrive despite the adversities that I’ve faced. It’s my privilege to serve Winston-Salem through BPI because I get to be a part of a village that lifts up members of this community.

Board Member

Tiffany Waddell Tate

Despite the history and impact of racism and inequity in our community, BPI is a space where I’ve seen the power of community and collective economics, family, and partnerships within the Black community turn into real action. Unlike outdated views of philanthropy, we’re interested in making contributions and connections that meet people and communities where they are. This mission is powerful, and I believe it’s critical to be part of this work as an active contributor and sponsor.

Board Member

Melvin Scales

In many ways philanthropy is a calling—we all have special God-given gifts which allow us to bring about the best in ourselves and in others. This giving of our gifts, whether in the form of time, talent, or treasure, makes us good stewards of the resources we have. I’ve chosen to be part of BPI because it is a debt I owe to those who have paid it forward to me—in turn I am morally obligated to do the same for others.

Board Member

Nicole Little

Philanthropy creates space for people to give a portion of themselves to improve the everyday lives of other human beings. As a first-generation college student, I personally benefitted from the philanthropic efforts of other individuals, many of whom I never met. I love being part of BPI because we approach philanthropy as an ever-evolving concept that must be able to bend and adapt based on the needs of the community.

Board Member

Mae Rodney

An array of individuals and events came together to provide me more than the necessities of life, often at exactly the right moment. My mentors were generous in many ways, and this lifetime of good fortune requires me to give back so others can have access to the same opportunities I had. I am part of BPI because we are trying to make a difference in areas where needs are great, which reflects my lifelong motto.

Rethinking Philanthropy

BPI published Rethinking Philanthropy: An Exploration of Black Communities in Forsyth County in 2018, drawing attention to our local Black history and the related systemic issues and inequities still prevalent in our community today. This data is guiding our efforts to educate and engage the greater community and collectively use our resources and investments to build a better future for Black residents and communities in Winston-Salem.

Black Experiences in Forsyth County: a Historical Context

Black residents have experienced, and continue to face, the inequitable and discriminatory conditions of their time, yet they have provided the backbone of our area’s economic and social growth. Black experiences in Forsyth County are rooted in a long history of entrepreneurship, ingenuity, and courage. Through it all, there has been a spirit of giving rooted in faith, family, and community as Black people have looked after each other and made use of their time, talents, and treasure to create lasting change for future generations.

Amplifying Stories of Impact

Explore our latest posts highlighting inspiring people, bold ideas, and ways we’re making a difference in the local Black community.