The Winston-Salem Foundation

The Black Philanthropy Initiative is a strategic initiative of The Winston-Salem Foundation, which provides administrative and operating support for the Fund. This support allows most of BPI’s donations to be invested directly into the community to maximize impact.

The Winston-Salem Foundation is a community foundation that supports charitable programs in the greater Forsyth County area. Founded in 1919 with a $1,000 gift, it now administers more than 1,550 funds and had total custodial assets of $626.3 million at the end of 2020. In 2020, the Foundation granted $125.8 million to charitable causes, $3.2 million of which was through its Community Grants program. The Foundation seeks to expand philanthropy in Forsyth County through its three strategic initiatives: BPI, The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem, and Youth Grantmakers in Action.

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